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sherlocksfakesuicide asked:

hey carrie so i dont know if you will have heard of this but i have a condition called trichotillomania which causes me to pull out my hair and its really stressing me out so i was just wondering if there is any way you could send a tweet asking if anyone else understands? thank you xxx


I know exactly the place/person you’d love! Beckie0. She also has Trichotillomania and her videos are hugely inspiring! She’s also on Twitter and I’m sure she’d love to hear from you! :D 


Australian Telly Time!


I have some more awesome news to tell!
I’m going to be on Australian TV live! :).

I think this is the name of the show:

We’re shooting this evening (midnight UK time) for it to be broadcast morning time in Aussie land. We’re shooting in the UK studio and linking across the world! So it will be a late night tonight! :).

I’m not sure if any of you are from Australia but just incase, hello there and I hope you can tune in! <3.


Lightning storm and showing you how I’m capturing the lightning! (Photos to follow!). <3.

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